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lairlair's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 10 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 290 Points

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Ultimate Savior Unlocked 10/3/16
25 Points
Defend the weak.
Playboy Unlocked 10/3/16
50 Points
Find the adult pleasure.
Ultimate Winner Unlocked 10/3/16
100 Points
Complete the Game.
Ultimate Bully 25 Points Bully the weak.
Ultimate Pest 25 Points Bully your own boss.
Ultimate Spitter 25 Points Real cowboys spit a lot.
Nature Boy 50 Points Become one with the desert
Do Lose Your Head 100 Points Sometimes it's ok to lose your head over something.
Nude Boy 100 Points Walk around (almost) naked.

Medals Earned: 3/9 (175/500 points)

Cuboy: Hot Pants

Quick Feet Unlocked 10/3/16
5 Points
Quickly move down the mountain.
Thrill Seeker Unlocked 10/3/16
10 Points
Flirt with death.
Ultimate Goatman Unlocked 10/3/16
10 Points
Unlock the goat costume. Baaa
Ultimate Fireman Unlocked 10/3/16
25 Points
Unlock the Fireman outfit.
Ultimate Lederhosen Unlocked 10/3/16
50 Points
Unlock the Lederhosen outfit.
Hooked 5 Points Play the game many times in one session.
Hot Toes 10 Points Jump on lava 15 times in a single game.
Ultimate Survivor 25 Points Reach a score of 1500
Ultimate Rockman 100 Points Unlock the Rockman outfit.

Medals Earned: 5/9 (100/240 points)


Good Ending Unlocked 3/7/17
5 Points
Good Ending
Game Completed Unlocked 3/7/17
10 Points
Complete the game
Bad Ending 5 Points Bad ending

Medals Earned: 2/3 (15/20 points)